Frank Xerox is the pseudonym of a Goldsmith's college artist (trained under Michael Craig-Martin) London-based Frank Xerox has been steadily developing his unique style since.

A long time ago I was working in a part time job in an office. I was near the reception and in those days photocopiers frequently broke down so there was always someone from Xerox coming round to fix them and I thought that a good name for a service engineer would be Frank – Frank Xerox.

For some time I had wanted to return to a paint system I had developed at Goldsmith's college which is an acrylic type paint to which I mix in casting plaster to produce a quick-drying paint that was highly expressive and looked exactly like icing sugar, I quickly started making paintings that were just like decorated cakes using a specially adapted icing bag, the star-shaped nozzles creating the classic piping effect.

The paint doesn't look quite so good in photos as it does in real life but many people who see the paintings describe the paint as being like the icing on the sweets/biscuits Iced Gems, indeed it looks so much like icing sugar on a cake that adults want to touch them and children want to eat them.

I realised that Frank Xerox would be a perfect alternative name for I wanted to make iced copies of paintings and iconic imagery which would be a frank or direct copy. However I didn't realise that taking on a different persona would make to my work, it made it much more carefree, in the best possible way, and the humour that had always been partly present was allowed to come to the fore.

Because cake decoration is almost a universal language and because of its simplicity most people whether young or old can read it making the paintings unusually 'accessible'.

Frank Xerox has been described as a national treasure by Victor Lewis-Smith.

Frank Xerox is represented in many private collections.


1992 Frank Xerox 'conceived'
Selected group shows
1992 Clapton Studios, Unit 15, Clapton, London.
1993 Avoidance of Pain, Hales Gallery, Deptford, London.
1993 Brick Lane All-stars, Atlantis Middle Gallery, Brick Lane, London.
1994-1997 Elvis + Marilyn 2xImmortal, touring exhibition, various locations throughout the USA.
1994 Fakes '94 Raw Gallery, London.
1998 Coolharbour Lane, The Sun and Doves Gallery, Camberwell, London.
2000 Fresh Paint, Will's Art Warehouse, Fulham London.
2007 Climate of Change, Southwark, London.
2008 Southwark Open, Café Gallery, Southwark Park, London.
2009 London Art, Commander Gallery, Notting Hill London.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

1993 The Importance of Being Frank, Gallerie Singleton, Holborn, London.
1997 The Frank Xerox 24 Hour Drive-Thru Art Gallery, The Conductor's Hallway, Camberwell London.
1997 In the Guard's Van of Contemporary Art, The Sun and Doves Gallery, Camberwell, London.

2017 and ongoing 'Starting a Movement', The Loovre, incorporating The White Cubicle, Aldgate High Street, London.

2018, 'artychoke 2' an arts festival, The Jurassic Park of Art, Peckham, London.


artychoke 2

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